Rules of pageant

Become a contestant with Miss Grand Michigan and Miss Grand Ohio! 

We are looking for a diverse group of 40 young women in each state that meet the below criteria. 

Submissions are now OPEN! To enter:


Minimum of 5'6 (With heels) Between 17 to 27 (Must not be over 27 years of age by October 01, 2019)

Natural Born Female U.S Citizen or Legal Resident of U.S.


Never have been married

Never have given birth

Pass a background check

Miss Grand Michigan and Miss Grand Ohio are preliminary pageants to enter the Miss Grand United States of America, a National Preliminary Pageant to Miss Grand International Pageant

If chosen as a contestant, you will be given your next steps. Each contestant will pay an application fee  then go through an interview and orientation, the final beginning steps will be registration and fees will apply. 

One unique thing that our system is going to offer is during orientation we will assist each contestant in obtaining sponsorship to cover registration cost and other needed items to compete in the pageants,